Leap forward in 2022

Unlimited vacation, remote work, 6 figure salary. Let me teach you how to get there

Are you a software developer who is struggling with:

  • Never feeling like you have the skills for the jobs you want to apply for

  • Knowing what skills are the most valuable to focus on

  • Finding supportive mentors

  • Having the confidence to tackle any technical challenge

Developing Mastery is a 6-month program designed to dramatically accelerate your career progression to senior software developer.There is coaching, a project-based curriculum, and then workshops that go deep on critical material.The core programs projects are focused on deepening your understanding of how to craft your code and develop the thinking skills of a senior developerYou are then further supported by focused and specialized workshopsThe first round of workshops will cover:

  • Algorithms

  • Advanced component architecture with React

  • Software Testing

  • Soft skills and Team leadership

And many more in the pipeline.

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